At CSVAVIATIONFUEL, customers become our long-term friends, many of whom we’re proud to have as references; likely someone you know is already our customer!
Jon Halvorson-GM Bighorn Airways, Inc. 

We have been working with CSV for almost 6 years and have been very pleased with their service.  We used to only hear from our fuel supplier once in a long while.  With CSV, they are constantly in touch with us helping us respond to issues and helping us develop a high quality FBO operation.  They have always been very responsive to us and our needs particularly in the area of quality control.  We look forward to working with CSV for many years to come!


Alice at Butterfly Aviation, Goodland, Kansas
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service and working relationship we have with City Service Valcon.  The willingness to go far beyond just being a fuel supplier is refreshing.  We know you have our backs in keeping us current in the latest requirements of the industry and helping us to provide top service and products to our customers.  The staff are quick to arrange the fuel loads, even after hours.  If we have ANY questions, we know if y’all don’t have the answer, you will get it.  We love the drop-in visits just to check-up on us and see how our business is going and whether there’s anything more you can do to make it better.   In all the years we have been with City Service Valcon, we have NEVER been disappointed in the service.  Thank you for partnering with us.

Scott & Alice Collett
Jonathan & Caitlan Collett

P.S.  Kelly and the girls have been AWESOME in tracking down drivers to get our loads of Jet A this last week or more.  We’ve have 9-11 Air Tractor sprayers based out of here every day.  It’s been nuts!!  It’s great to see Scott not stress about getting the fuel here in time.  (Although, Kelly’s probably been a little.  You couldn’t tell on the phone.  She’s amazing. J )

Also, Scott was dropping a semi load into the underground, doing his little checks, etc. for quality assurance, and broke the hydrometer.  (That was our only one L.)  Well, I called Gammon Products and got NO WHERE!!!!  I made a call into Breezy that night. The next morning he was calling to check the model # with Scott and then putting the ones (getting extras J) right in the mail.  Woohoo!

I just can’t tell you how good it feels to experience service like that.  You have great people at City Service Valcon!!!!!


Mark at RMR Heli
Wanted to tell you how impressed we were with Les.
He was great help to us and took a little extra time walking me through everything even though he was getting soaked in the wet snow storm we were having. Great guy and good company man. We would love to have an employee like
I guess Les is More!!

Thank you BOTH for a great job!

RMR Heli
Good and prompt service…


Ron Gregory, R&R Conner Aviation, Conner, MT
I just wanted to say thanks again to you and Jeff for coming through with the fuel delivery at just the right time as usual! I always end up ordering at the last minute but you always come through. It wouldn’t look that great for me personally to run out of fuel when the helicopter is running fine and the loggers are ready to go!  Also, I wanted to say that Jeff always takes the time to check out our setup to make sure it’s safe and correctly arranged as we move around so much. Well this time he identified something that wasn’t as safe as it should have been and he took the time to help me get it right before he transferred the fuel load!! So thanks again to both of you; we really feel like you’re part of our team!


Jeff, Burns Airport
“I like that when we the Burns Airport need fuel, it gets ordered and delivered in a timely manor. Also all of your delivery drivers are consistent in training because every fuel delivery is the same! Drivers always stop in first say hi, ask inventory and then unload product, plus the paperwork is always in order. Billing with Csv and the eft transfers have improved greatly!”


Kynan Spethman, NorthStar Jet
“As an Montana FBO, providing fuel and aviation service to a large variety of customers, we feel our partnership with CityServiceValcon allows us unparalleled support and fuel supply in today’s competitive market.  Whether we need equipment support, a timely aviation fuel delivery, or help strategizing on a pending contract, CSV has time and time again put their best foot forward to help us out.  The world we operate in certainly isn’t perfect and unpredictable events are a part of what we’ve learned to deal with in aviation.  It’s nice to be able to count on a very dependable and personable relationship with the folks that supply the product our business is built on!”


Roxann Tveter, Holman Aviation 
Holman Aviation has a nearly 20 year relationship with City Service Valcon.   Since becoming a Phillips branded FBO in January 2010, Holman Aviation has appreciated the professionalism that CSV provides to the aviation industry.  CityServiceValcon has high standards of process and quality control.  Whenever we have a question or concern they have responded with urgency and depth of knowledge.  CSV recognizes that if we are successful they in-turn are successful; thus they are always helping us to be successful at what we do.


Butler Aircraft Services 
I would just like to take some time to thank you for you outstanding support through this last year. 1sl we had challenges with the city and we all worked together through this time to only see better and brighter things in the future. Second we had some challenging times at the beginning of fire season since we were adding on new tanks and preparing for a very busy fire season, once again you and your staff made this really tough time seem much easier. It is always nice to be able to pick up a phone and talk to someone live and friendly on the other end.

I have worked in many different areas in my career which has involved a lot of dealing with different distributors in many different areas and CSV is by far one of the best I have dealt with. From the dispatchers all the way to the other ends truck drivers. The drivers that deliver to us are very professional courteous and always safe and willing to go the extra mile.

Even though I have only personally dealt with CSV for a little over 3 years, the owners of Butler Aircraft have been working with CSV for many years and they have also had nothing but excellent support from CSV.

Thank you once again to the whole team at CityServiceValcon and I am happy to say we will be continuing this partnership for many years to come.


Kurt Newton
General Manager
Butler Aircraft Services
Redmond Oregon 97756
Fremont County Airport, Canon City, CO

“CityServiceValcon has been very supportive of our airport operations.  They provide fuel purchases in a timely manner.  They go above and beyond  helping  us find and finance fuel trucks, and  find parts needed  to maintain our fleet.  We are very happy with the services they provide.”


Redbird Skyport FBO, San Marcos, TX
“Building a new business from the ground up can be a challenging venture. That is why when Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, TX went looking for an aviation fuel supplier we focused not only on product but on a company committed to service and support. CityServiceValcon is all that. Not only do they support Phillips 66, the most trusted brand of aviation fuel products available, they are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They understand the demands of FBOs and step up to the challenges every day. CityServiceValcon’s relationship with Phillips 66 has brought our start-up facility all the advantages of larger FBO chains and has permitted our operation to thrive in a marketplace dominated by large corporate networks. Their ability to offer up viable solutions and follow through with meaningful strategies has truly aided in driving our success. The entire staff at CityServiceValcon is professional, courteous and extremely knowledge able. Their equipment is top notch, affordable and very reliable. Their 24 hour support network is second to none. Whether in need of equipment support, rapid product supply or marketing assistance, we are always made to feel like their only customer. CityServiceValcon brings numerous advantages to the table through Phillips 66 such as the Wingpoints pilot incentive program, contact fuel, discounted NATA Safety 1st training, their co-op program and much more. They are definitely in sync with the aviation industry and that translates into our ability to stay informed, make the right decisions, and grow our business. One year later and my opinion has not changed. What do I like best about CityServiceValcon? Everything!”